Leadership and Management​ Learning & Development Programs

Programs apply social-emotional learning to the workplace.

Help leaders at all levels develop a high performance mindset.

Strengthens commitments to success, others and self.

Overcomes blockers of self-doubt, anxiety, low frustration tolerance.

Short-intensive and longer courses in the high performance mindset.

Michael Bernard consults with different organisations.

The High Performance Mindset at Work, Home and Life

THINK WORK SMART programs focus on different aspects of a high performance mindset and how it can be strengthened. Benefits include improvements in organisational productivity-profitability, innovation, work engagement, employee quality of life and wellbeing.

L&D workshops include:

  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Resilience
  • Sales Managers Who Excel. Mindset Matters Most
  • World-Class Sales People. The Mindset to Excel
  • Transforming the Mindsets of Teams and Individuals (Leaders, Managers)

Michael Bernard is frequently invited to present keynotes and workshops on THINK WORK SMART. Why People Excel at Work.

If you are interested in having Michael present at a forthcoming conference or event, contact us.


Take the High Performance Mindset at Work Survey.

The High Performance Mindset at Work, Home and Life

Michael Bernard’s new book is based on his many years of consulting and coaching at sporting clubs (Michael was the first sport psychologist for Collingwood Football Club), financial organisations (AMP), schools (Founder, You Can Do It! Education) and with many, many parents, teachers and students. Michael reveals what has been learnt about how people operate at their best and why and when they do not. For the first time, he shows what the latest research from positive psychology, social emotional learning, Rational Emotive and Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy says about the psychological architecture of the high performing mindset. Michael discusses and illustrates with case studies the limits and benefits of positivity including the need to become aware of and address our internal blocks that hinder our desire to be a high performer. Full of practical suggestions (and advice), the book is a must read for those wanting to take the next step and cope in today’s world.

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